Multibase India Limited-Archival Policy   view
Multibase India Limited-Policy for preservation of documents   view
Multibase India-Policy on determination of materiality of events   view
Whistle Blower Policy   view
Corporate social responsibility Policy (CSR Policy)   view
Policy on related party transactions including material RPTs   view
Code Of Practices And Procedures For Fair Disclosure Of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information   view
Intimation under regulation 30   view
Committees Of The Board   view
Contact details of Authorised persons under Regulation 30(5)   view
Disclosure of voting results of 24th AGM under clause 35A and Scrutinizers Report   view
Notice proposing candidature of Ms. Suely Mori for office of director   view
Multibase India Ltd AGM notice advertisement   view
Familiarization Programme   view
Proxy and attendance slip   view
E-voting Form   view
Voting Results - Evoting & Poll 23rd AGM   view
BM intimation for quarter ended 31.12.2015   view
BM intimation for quarter/year ended 31.3.2016   view
BM intimation for quarter ended 30.06.2016   view
AGM notice newspaper advertisemen   view
25th AGM voting results   view
Notice to SE BM intimation 8.11.2016   view
Board meeting intimation notice 7.2.2017   view
Board meeting intimation notice 22.5.2017   view
Outcome Board meeting 22.5.2017   view
26th AGM voting results   view
Board meeting intimation notice 12.07.2017   view
Board meeting intimation notice 11.09.2017   view
Board meeting intimation notice 31.12.2017   view
Appointment letter of Independent Director
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