About Us

Multibase India Limited (‘the Company’) was incorporated in the name of Synergy Polymers Limited on 17th December, 1991. In 2002 Multibase India Limited was acquired by Multibase SA, subsidiary of Dow Corning Corporation and thus became a Dow corning Company. Accordingly the name of the Company was changed to Synergy Multibase Limited.The name of the Company was changed to Multibase India Limited in 2007.

Multibase (BSE:526169) is a diverse yet integrated manufacturing company of thermoplastic elastomers and silicone-based products. We serve a wide array of industries, across automotive, building and construction segments, collaborating with 1000+ customers and offering 20+ products, exporting to global markets.

Presently 75.00% of the shareholding of the company is held by Multibase S.A.

The Company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Limited)