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Board Meeting

Intimation of Board Meeting dated 29.05.2024

Outcome of Board Meeting dated 29.05.2024

Intimation of the Board Meeting 12.02.2024

01A. Outcome of BM10.11.2022

Intimation of Board Meeting 23.05.2023

Intimation of Board Meeting 08.08.2023

Intimation of Board Meeting 09.11.2023

01. Intimation of BM02.11.2022

02. Notice of BM31.01.2023

02A. Outcome of BM09.02.2023

Outcome Board meeting 12.08.2022

Intimation Board meeting 12.08.2022

Outcome Board meeting 26.05.2022

Intimation Board meeting 26.05.2022

Outcome Board meeting 09.02.2022

Intimation of Board meeting 09.02.2022

Outcome of Board meeting 11.11.2021

Intimation of Board meeting 11.11.2021

Outcome Board meeting 12.08.2021

Board meeting intimation 12.08.2021

Intimation of Appointment of Auditor

Audit Committee Views on Auditor Resignation

Auditor Resignation

Committees of the Board

Outcome Board meeting 11.02.2021

Outcome Board meeting 11.11.2020

Outcome Board meeting 27.08.2020

Board meeting intimation 11.02.2021

Board meeting intimation 11.11.2020

Video recording of 29th AGM

Board meeting intimation 27.08.2020

Board meeting intimation 25.06.2020

Outcome Board meeting 25.06.2020

MB Outcome of Board meeting 25.06.2020 change in directors

Board meeting intimation 13.02.2020

Board meeting intimation 12.11.2019

Board meeting intimation 05.08.2019

Board meeting intimation 29.05.2019

Postal Ballot

BM Intimation 12.02.2019

Notice of BM 05.11.2018

Notice of BM 10.8.2018

Notice of BM 24.5.2018

MIL Notice of BMSE 13.2.2018

BM Intimation 7.12.2017

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Outcome Board meeting 22.5.2017

Board meeting intimation notice 22.5.2017

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Notice to SE BM intimation 8.11.2016

BM intimation for quarter ended 30.06.2016

BM intimation for quarter/year ended 31.3.2016

BM intimation for quarter ended 31.12.2015